OHP - Repositories

Welcome to the OHP Repositories

The OHP Repositories are an opensource data base where researchers can upload and share their data with the research community. Each project a researcher works on can have its own repository. Within each repository, researchers can upload files including but not limited to; STL files for device designs, Matlab / Simulink (or other code) for improved patient monitoring or physiological control systems or experimental design and results.

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How to Contribute

OpenHeart users can contribute by creating a Bitbucket repository containing all the relevant files they wish to share. Then, using the OHP - Repository Entry template they can create an overview page for the repository under the relevant category in the OHP - Repository pages. Finally, a link to the Bitbucket repository should be provided in the overview page.

You can use the Blog to update the OpenHeart community about newly created or recently updated repositories. Simply click the + button and choose to create a new blog post.

If you want to raise a question you can use the 'Questions' functionality, comment directly on the confluence page of the respective repository or use the 'Issues' section within the Bitbucket repositories to report problems or bugs with a repository.

How to use Bitbucket

Creating a repository in Bitbucket requires the application Sourcetree. Sourcetree is free to download and available here.

The process to create a repository in Bitbucket is relatively straight forward. Sourcetree is used to add, delete, copy or edit files in the repository. A good learning tool on how to use Sourcetree is available here. 

How to Create a Repository without Bitbucket

If you would like to create a repository without using Bitbucket or Sourcetree, you can download the package here to create a local repository and send it to the OpenHeart team.